Reintroduction of wild horses into the wild

New old home for the endangered Przewalski's wild horses

Previously, the Dzungarian or Przewalski's horse populated the cold winter steps of Asia from Kazakhstan to China. With the last sighting of a wild Przewalski's horse being in the Takhi Valley (Valley of Wild Horses) in Mongolia in 1969, it was considered to be extinct. In 1986, we began returning the animals bred in capture into their original habitat from the zoological gardens.

Tierpark Berlin actively helps with the reintroduction of the Przewalski's horse into the wild

Ever since 1958, Tierpark Berlin has been accommodating wild horses and contributing to their conservation breeding since 1963. All wild horses have been documented in an international stud book in the zoo at Prague for this purpose, and breeding has been managed on a Europe-wide basis since 1986 with a coordinated conservation breeding programme. In total, 17 of the Przewalski's horses born in Tierpark Berlin returned back to the homeland of their forefathers in cooperation with the Oberwil Foundation, the International Takhi Group as well as the zoological gardens of Nuremberg and Prague. A total of eleven animals were flown to China in 1985 and 1990, five animals to the Takhi Valley in Mongolia in 1998 and finally the mare 'Barca' traveled to the Gobi B National Park in Mongolia in 2013. After a year of acclimatisation, 'Barca' was left to fend for herself in the open land in the summer of 2014.

Our efforts are finally paying off: Small numbers are starting build up in the wild areas of China and Mongolia, which has lead to the threat level of the Przewalski's wild horses to being downgraded to 'threatened'.

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