Lesser panda WWF conservation project

Big help for the lesser panda

As cute as the lesser panda, also known as the red cat-bear, is, it is still a species under threat – it is classified as 'endangered' by the IUCN. Above all, it is the progressive loss of habitat due to the increasing human population that threatens the existence of these striking red-furred animals – not to mention the risk they face from hunters.

The WWF conservation project protects the red cat bears – Tierpark Berlin supports the WWF

In addition to participation in the European conservation breeding programme for red-cat bears, which has been coordinated by Rotterdam Zoo since 1986, Tierpark Berlin has also been supporting the red cat-bear conservation project undertaken by the WWF since 2006 in cooperation with the Association of Zoological Gardens (VDZ). As a result, the number of lesser pandas in the eastern Himalayan region of Nepal, Bhutan and India are on the up. The project was extended to the north Indian province of Sikkim in 2005, where the circulation area and the population status of the red cat-bears was able to be recorded thanks to the donations collected by the VDZ.

A display board has been designed based on this data which informs all visitors to the zoos within the VDZ association about the threat to the lesser pandas. This board can also be seen in Tierpark Berlin. Visitors to our Tierpark have donated over EUR 5,000 for the conservation of the lesser panda using the donation pandas situated in the Alfred-Brehm House and the Pachyderm House – we want to give a special thank you to all donators!