Protecting species – at home, in the zoo, around the world

The Earth is home to an incredibly rich and diverse variety of species. But every year, thousands of these species disappear from our planet forever. It’s not too late to put a stop to species extinction. On this website, Tierpark Berlin shows where conservation efforts are being made: at home, in the zoo, and across the entire world.


Species conservation around the world

Tierpark Berlin supports the following species protection projects around the world:

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At Tierpark Berlin

Species conservation at Tierpark Berlin

“Made in Berlin” – Tierpark Berlin participates in the following stud books and endangered species breeding programmes:

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Every day

Species conservation every day

Using resources sparingly, looking after nature, saving species – how to protect biodiversity every day.

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Preserving biodiversity is important for all of our futures, because the natural world is a cycle in which all life forms impact and depend on each other. If the natural cycle is broken, the entire natural process is disrupted – and without the natural interaction of species, there will be no more life on this planet. Every time a plant or animal species dies out, the impact of that is felt by others. Humans are a part of the Earth’s biodiversity, and rely just as heavily on variety in the natural world as other animals and plants. Poaching, climate change, and habitat destruction are the most common causes of species extinction – and they all result from human activity.