Yellow-Breasted Capuchin

(Sapajus xanthosternos)


South America, Eastern Brazil

coastal rainforests

Nuts, fruits, insects, flowers, buds, eggs

critically endangered

2 to 5 kg

Brooding/gestation time:
approx. 150 to 170 days

Achievable age
over 40 years

An uncertain future

Massive forest clearance has divided the capuchins’ home into isolated islands, separating individuals. Zoos around the world are helping to ensure their survival with targeted breeding
programmes. But all capuchins remain the property of Brazil.

That’s the trick!

No nut is too tough to crack for these intelligent primates, who make skilful use of tools to get to the tasty kernel. One smart tap with a stone is usually enough to crack the shell.

Did you know?

  • Yellow-breasted capuchins use their long tails as an anchor when climbing and also to carry morsels of food.
  • Connected nature reserves are to be set up in the forest to allow at least 2,000 capuchins to be reintroduced to the wild.