Red Howler

(Alouatta seniculus)


Northwestern South America

and subtropical rainforests

Leaves, flowers, fruits

least concern

4.5 to 8 kg

Brooding/gestation time:
approx. 190 days

Achievable age
over 25 years

A howling good time

These howler monkeys have an enlarged hyoid bone and a cavernous larynx with which they put on concerts of loud, whooping cries that can be heard for miles around. Howlers from outside
the group get the message: we live here, don’t come any closer !

A safe hold

A howler monkey’s long prehensile tail is strong enough to support its entire weight. The underside of the tail is bare to help the primates grip when climbing trees.

Is it true, that ...?

  • Howler monkeys dine almost exclusively on leaves and therefore like to avoid energy-sapping activities.
  • The bare underside of a howler monkey’s tail is as unique as a human fingerprint.