Diana Monkey

(Cercopithecus diana)


Africa: Sierra Leone and southern Guinea
as far as Ghana

tropical rainforests

Fruits, flowers, leaves, seeds,
snails, worms


Males up to 7 kg
Females up to 4 kg

Brooding/gestation time:
approx. 5 months

Achievable age
up to 30 years

Under threat:

The Diana monkey is preyed on by leopards, snakes and raptors, but humans are its greatest enemy as they are destroying large swathes of the primate’s native forest. Diana monkeys are also hunted for their highly prized meat.

Acrobatic feats:

Diana monkeys are treetop artistes who have adapted perfectly to their habitat. Measuring up to 75 cm, their tails are longer than their torsos, helping them to keep their balance on the swaying branches.

Did you know?

  • Diana monkeys have particularly long, springy legs and skilful grippin hands ideally suited to climbing.
  • They live at the very top of rainforest trees.