Blue-Eyed Black Lemur

(Eulemur flavifrons)


The rainforests of northwest Madagascar;
Sahamalaza Peninsula

Leaves, flowers, fruits, insects


1.8 to 2.4 kg

Achievable age
approx. 30 years

Opposites attract:
With their deep black fur, only the males of this lemur species actually live up to their name. The females are reddish brown in colour. The sexes look so different, in fact, that 19th-century researchers thought they were two separate species.

A lifeline in Europe:
Like so many other animals, Blue-Eyed Black Lemurs are critically endangered as a result of hunting and
deforestation. The lemurs are kept in just nine other European zoos alongside Tierpark Berlin. Captive breeding provides an important reserve gene pool for this species.

Did you know?
The lemurs’ bright blue eyes are unusual in the animal kingdom. These lemurs are the only primates other than humans to have blue eyes.