Black Lemur

(Eulemur macaco)

Lemurs are prosimians and are part of a unique variety of animals that is indigenous to the island of Madagascar. The locals call lemurs 'forest spirits' because of their awestruck red and yellow glowing eyes when light is cast upon them in the night. It is important to protect their natural habitat to prevent the animals themselves declining as the rainforest around them is doing.


North-western Madagascar
and the Comoros


Leaves, fruit, nectar, small animals


1.9 kg to 2.6 kg

Brooding/gestation time:
approx. 125 days

Achievable age
approx. 35 years

Black tie (and tails)

Only the males observe a strict black dress code. Shortly after birth, the sex of black lemurs can be
determined by the tufts of hair on their ears: black means male, and white means female.

A natural Q Tip

Lemurs use the long toenail on their back foot to groom themselves – for example, to clean inside their ears. Zoologists call this inborn cotton bud a “toilet claw”.


Did you know?

  • Lemur friendships are fostered through mutual grooming, with the lemurs using their lower teeth as a comb.
  • Lemurs have a very good sense of smell. For example, when seeking a mate they just follow their nose.