Azara's agouti

(Dasyprocta azarae)


South America: Southern Brazil and parts of Paraguay and Argentina

humid evergreen forests

Nuts, fruits, seeds, leaves, grasses

Body length from 40 to 64 cm

1.3 kg up to 4 kg

Gestation time:
approx. 100 to 120 days

Achievable age
over 15 years

Thinking ahead:
These small rodents love Brazil nuts, which they store underground in case of tough times ahead. Azara’s agoutis are the only rodents that can crack particularly hard nuts.

A treat for the ears:
Azara’s agoutis’ acute sense of hearing helps them to track down tasty treats, as they can hear when fruits and nuts fall from the trees.

Did you know that?

  • The agoutis’ greenish fur is the perfect camouflage in rainforest undergrowth.
  • They have long legs and are excellent sprinters.