Vision - Tierpark Berlin

Into the wild. Experience untold adventures!

Imagine discovering the entire world of animals in a single day – right in the middle of Friedrichsfelde. From the wild taiga to the tropical Amazon, from the spectacular Himalayas to the vast grasslands of Africa. On foot, by cable car... A dream right within your grasp! And the key to preserving the venerable Tierpark Berlin.

Shortly after it opened in 1955, the Tierpark Friedrichsfelde was considered the zoological crown jewel of the GDR. To retain its special tradition, its uniqueness, while at the same time making the largest landscape zoo in Europe fit for the future is a monumental task that we will face in the coming years – one that will move proverbial mountains. 

Let’s make use of this potential, let’s present these natural environmentson the outskirts of a metropolis authentically and engagingly to ignite people's passion for animals in a wonderful way.

This means playing with invisible barriers and distances, with exciting perspectives, surprising closeness and the profound feeling of being in the middle of the action rather than just a conventional, passive observer. 
In short: we hold the key in our hands to sustainably convey one of the most important issues of our time: animal and nature conservation and with it the preservation of biodiversity.

The Tierpark will not only set new contemporary standards in animal care and research, in conservation, and in education. On top of that, it will pioneer the new gold standard for a fascinating and authentic world of adventure that will attract Berliners and tourists to an equal degree. 

The park will also perfectly complement the ‘green zoo oasis’ in the west of the city, so that Berliners and guests can decide which way they want to immerse themselves in the animal kingdom. We are sure: you will use both of them…

How would you like to travel to the Amazon tomorrow, to the jaguars, sloths, and sea cows?

Or spontaneously take a trip to the giraffe lodge in Africa? On safari to the lions and the elephants? Into the jungle to the crocodiles? Your partner would rather visit the roof of the world? No problem! From the Himalaya gondola you will even be able to witness snow leopards, small pandas, and shaggy takins. Your children want to see polar bears and seals? Then head off to North America, without a visa! 

And Australia and Europe, the great aviaries, the farms of the world, and a magical fairy-tale forest are all waiting to be explored… 

We bet you’ll come back!

For example to visit the zoo school or the transparent animal clinic, a species conservation centre we are planning in cooperation with the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research.

Because despite smartphones and co. – or perhaps because of them – the real holds a greater allure than ever before. Therefore, real-life animal encounters and exciting live events will be supplemented with modern technology and multimedia presentations for children, teenagers, and adults, Berliners and guests from around the world. 

Responsible, consistant concept

That these visions are more than just dreams, but are economically rewarding with the potential to reach people far beyond the city limits is something zoo director Dr Andreas Knieriem knows all too well. He was one of the leading heads instrumental in the restructuring and conception of the Hanover Adventure Zoo before he became the director and sole chairman of the Munich Hellabrunn Zoo.

Knieriem knows: Consistant management focussed on a holistic park concept is an essential part of a modern recipe for success, just as much as healthy portion of creativity, a passion for nature and species conservation, a dedicated team and a great deal of personal commitment. Not least to work together to lead our highly esteemed Tierpark and our Zoo Berlin into a different league. Around 90 million euros will be invested in the Tierpark by 2030 to fulfill this goal and the public mission for the zoo. Along with his entire team, he approaches this challenge again and again every single day. Of course it goes without saying that a lot of the investments will be made ‘backstage’ – almost invisibly – in the latest in animal care, housing, and enclosures.