About Tierpark Berlin

Almost 8,000 exotic animals live here in a diversified, spacious landscaped park with a historic palace and many highlights. Get away from the hustle and bustle of big city life and join us on a world-wide journey!


Experience untold adventures! Imagine discovering the entire world of animals in a single day – right in the middle of Friedrichsfelde. From the wild taiga to the tropical Amazon, from the spectacular Himalayas to the vast grasslands of Africa. On foot, by cable car... A dream right within your grasp! And the key to preserving the venerable Tierpark Berlin. 

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History of Tierpark Berlin

On 27 August 1954, the Berlin Magistrate decided to establish a zoo (‘Tierpark’) in Friedrichsfelde. One year later, on 2 July 1955, the counterpart to West Berlin’s Zoological Garden opened on the site of the former Friedrichsfelde Palace gardens: the Tierpark Berlin. The zoologist Prof. Dr Heinrich Dathe became its very first director – a position he retained until his 80th birthday for over 30 years

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