A warm welcome

... to the largest adventure animal park in Europe!
More than 9,000 exotic animals live here in a diversified, spacious landscaped park with a historic palace and many highlights. Get away from the hustle and bustle of big city life and join us on a world-wide journey!

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Animal News


Tierpark babies 2017

New videos of our gerenuk, New World porcupine and the other bundles of joy.

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Animal News


Bundles of Joy

There are loads of new babies to coo over at Tierpark Berlin

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Once upon a time…

The Tierpark welcomes three Iberian wolves 

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Animal news


Time flies!

The free-flight show is on again from Tuesday to Sunday at 1:30 pm!

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Tierpark News


SHONA ART sculpture exhibition

Tierpark is proud to present “SHONA ART at Tierpark Berlin” – a unique exhibition of traditional Zimbabwean sculpture.

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