I'll become a zoo animal expert – three project days for the class levels 5–7

Skills acquisition – made easy!

The aim of the project is to encourage and strengthen the pupils' technological, methodological and personal skills. In doing so, the animals of the Tierpark form an accessible base for all students. The children soon develop into experts in a certain species within four days thanks to professionally supported teamwork.

In addition to access to the Tierpark School library, the pupils also receive a topical portfolio with various texts, press releases and illustrations. They get to know their specialist animal while on a tour and receive tips on how a species should be presented from the enclosures. The children then use self-designed and -styled posters to present the special characteristics of the animals in the Pachyderm House not only to their peers, but also their families and the other visitors of the Tierpark.

The subjects of languages, sciences/natural sciences and art form the basis for this project, in which the pupils can practise the following in cooperative work forms, among other things:


Reading strategies applied appropriately, gathering information, composing different texts, looking up foreign words, checking and correcting texts, speaking without notes with the help of bullet points and presenting newly acquired knowledge convincingly.

Sciences/natural sciences

Presenting biological factual information about a species in a fact sheet, acquiring knowledge about the environment and species conservation.


Applying creative strategies to designing a poster, presenting animals in their habitats and modelling their lifestyles in images.


Using the atlas, locating species distribution areas, identifying the regions on a world map.

the project days are only limited due to personnel resources and are bookable primarily in the period from November to March. We would like to advise the teacher to come and attend a consultancy appointment in the Tierpark School to ensure that the project work is a success. Your specific methodological and didactic objectives can be better adopted and implemented by doing so.

Please bring with you:
writing pad and pen

Meeting point:
Schloss entrance

entry is €2 per pupil/day. Parents who want to take part only pay half the usual entrance fee on the presentation day. We are happy to provide templates if you need to send information letters to the parents and for project day assessments on request.