Guided sessions for school classes 9-10

Sensory capabilities and sensory perceptions

Communication in the animal kingdom

This lesson subject concerns the communication of certain types of animals within their species, as well as how animals interact with their environment. What possibilities for communication do animals have? How do they use these? These and other questions will be cleared up when we visit the various animal enclosures.

Please bring with you:
writing pad and pen

our class also takes place outdoors – please ensure suitable clothing

Meeting point:
Schloss entrance

Compulsory section:

  • Sensory perceptions – information from the environment



Ancestral development – species vary

The pupils use group work to research the certain body characteristics and behaviour of different reptile species and evaluate the results. We subsequently attempt to draw up a model family tree for the reptiles. Since this learning excursion takes place in the snake, turtle and reptile house, we are able offer this guided session throughout the year.

Please bring with you:
writing pad and pen, scissors and glue

Meeting point:
Schloss entrance


  • Ancestral development – species vary