Mathematics with an animal twist – a statistics project day for the class levels 5–7

Data collection on camels and pachyderms

This project day predominately concerns the data collection of camels and pachyderms in addition to the biological factual information on individual species. The number of animals in the Tierpark constantly fluctuates in terms of births, deaths and delivery of certain animals to other zoos. We count selected animals and collect data concerning their maximum age, weight and length as well as on the duration of the gestation time of certain mammals.

As a result, the pupils get to know various types of diagrams based on graphs. By jointly reviewing the graphs that the pupils partially supplement, title or complete, the information displayed is interactively extracted and interpreted. We additionally measure the path data and the time invested in two ways during this learning excursion.

The pupils receive a workbook, in which they record all data gathered and routes in ready-made tables. The data gathered can thus be processed and presented in mathematics. A factual text on the resettlement of the wolf can also be found in the book, with which the subjects of species conservation can be revisited in natural sciences/biology/language or ethics lessons. This lesson unit is well suited as an introduction to or summary of the subject of statistics in mathematics.


Subject areas:

  • Data and coincidence
  • Data collection
  • Taking information from charts and diagrams

Natural sciences/biology

Subject areas:

  • Plants-animals-habitats
  • Using information to organise and differentiate
  • Adaptedness of an animal to its habitat

the lessons take place outdoors and can only be carried out on rain-free days. The duration is four hours including a large and smaller break. The project day can also be shortened by arrangement (approx. three hours). The pupils appoint three assistants to log the time, the route and the stride length.

Please bring with you:
writing pad and pen

Meeting point:
Schloss entrance