Donations for the Tierpark Berlin

Tierpark Berlin relies on your support as a non-profit organisation. Your donations help to fund not only the food supply and the upkeep of our animals, but also the maintenance and structural adaptation of the enclosures in accordance with the latest insights into modern animal management. We have a lot on our agenda at Tierpark Berlin for the future – exactly what can be seen in our target and development plan.

Your donation for snug giraffe nights

Clear skies, warm summer night – who wouldn't like it!? Our giraffes feel the same way, this is why they also eat during the night-time. And yet they have to remain in their warm stalls during the night because of the lack of suitable feeding grounds. But our four new feeding baskets allow us to leave 'Jabulani', 'Amalka', 'Jette' and their counterparts outside overnight.

This means a bit of a challenge for designers: The feeding basket must be mounted at a great height. But it must be easy for the animal keepers to fill at the same time. It's also important to have a little roof over the feeding station because it also rains in the summer every now and again.

If only 50 giraffe enthusiasts donate €50 each, we would be able to set up a completely new feeding site! We need a total of EUR 10,000 so that 'Bine' the girl giraffe can spend her nights together with the 'Big Ones' outdoors.

Donate for our giraffes now!

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Protecting biodiversity

With our participation in global species conservation projects, we have been making important contributions to species conservation for many decades now. Our breeding programme of endangered species in Tierpark Berlin helps to ensure their status and, in the very best case, to reintroduce new populations into suitable habitats in the wild. Your donation plays an important role in this!

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