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It is important for us that our animals live in a setting that corresponds to their natural environment as much as possible. This includes animal-friendly facilities as well as good food, water and veterinary medical care. This is is very cost-intensive. A lion, for example, needs between 4 to 7 kg of meat a day depending on its size. This amounts to around 150 kg a month – per animal!

Tierpark Berlin is the largest landscaped animal park in Europe. It arouses fascination in animals and nature and is home to some 1,000 species and over 7,000 animals. Help us to further develop this magnificent melting pot.


Become an animal sponsor!

By undertaking a sponsorship, you will feel considerable satisfaction, or impart this to someone else if you use it as a gift, and develop even closer ties with the Tierpark Berlin. Your support helps in the maintenance and upkeep of the animals.

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