Press releases Tierpark Berlin

A ray of hope at the Tierpark

Tonja takes her first dip.

Establishing the cause of Fritz’s sudden death

Polar bear cub died of multiple organ failure.

Tragic news from the Tierpark

Our little polar bear Fritz has died.

Great concern about Fritz

The polar bear cub has fallen seriously ill.

Time for a headcount

Stocktaking at the Zoo, Tierpark and Aquarium.

Arctic feeling in Berlin

International Polar Bear Day: Big hopes placed on little Fritz.

Babyproofing the bear house

The polar bear habitat at Tierpark Berlin is being refurbished.

Hi! My friends call me Fritz

Jury decides on a name for the polar bear baby at Tierpark Berlin.

Sayonara, Berlin!

Amur tiger Artjom to move to Japan.

The secret is out: It’s a boy!

First veterinary examination for the polar bear cub at the Tierpark Berlin.