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Here we present in exclusive interviews and entertaining reports exciting background stories and little curios from the animal kingdom. Conservation, research, education and recreation are our main tasks. The Tierpark blog shows the versatile line-up of topics, that the Tierpark offers the whole year round.

Too busy to get bore ...

Animal activities

Djambala refuses to give up – the female gorilla adroitly manoeuvres the peanut with a thin stick until it falls through a small hole into the level below. She works persistently and patiently until she finally holds the object of her desire in her hands. A “puzzle feeder” like this takes plenty of skill and concentration – and is g...

Low-power winter mode

A watchful expert tells us about sleepy animals

It’s wet, it’s cold, the skies are dark and gloomy and the trees are bare – winter can be a pretty depressing time of year. When days get shorter, many people find it difficult to get up in the morning and quite fancy the idea of hibernating over winter. Why not stay in bed until the dark days are over and spring with all its blossoms and...

A passport for a jaguar

Far-flung flings

Endangered animals are regularly jetted across the globe to contribute towards species conservation efforts. For the animals it may seem like a “holiday romance”, but for us it’s a “breeding programme”.