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Return of the wild horses

Tierpark curator Christian Kern reports from Mongolia on the species reintroduction programme

The Przewalski’s horse (Equus przewalskii), known as the “takhi” in Mongolian, is the last surviving species of wild horse in the world. Its reintroduction into the wild is often cited as one of the most successful species conservation programmes ever coordinated by zoos. The following report will show just how m...

Relocation of the Tierpark School into the Dathe House

A villa for pupils and young researchers

The legendary Dathe villa in Tierpark Berlin opens its doors! Since 1955 only the Zoo directors have lived here – no visitor has ever set foot in the grounds.

Things are different now: The Tierpark school has moved into the time-honored premises and the laughter of children can already be heard down the corridors.
The entire educational department of Tierpark Berlin is now situated under one roof for...